Kamis, 19 Juni 2008

The Egg by Sherwood Anderson

1. The main character of this story is the narrator (son). From the story he presents, we know that is a gloomy man who always sees the darker side in life. He blames on his childhood days spent on the chicken farm instead of happy, joyful days of life. I like character in this story, he tried to show how struggle in our life.
2. This story takes place from a chicken farm in the country to restaurant across the railroad station in Bid well Ohio. Both settings reflect the same internal of the characters; the son is not happy on the chicken farm; the family decides to move because they are unsuccessful, a gloomy looking place in the restaurant.
3. This short story “The egg” illustrates the harsh realities of life. The father who cannot reach succeed because of his internal ambition. His family’s life is compared to the egg which cannot stand up without breaking its shell.
4. The style if the story is Personification, many words which are liked with a human life.
5. The important event from this story is when the father who becomes momentarily insane. He is getting mad, comes to his wife and son, and then cries. It is show how the struggle in the life.

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